When to use hashtags in Facebook? What does using hashtags in Facebook mean for you? Have you ever heard the saying,”If I have a dollar for every time I… ” Read through the answer is below in our blog, enjoy the read and information!


use hashtags in Facebook

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a type of label or Social Network used on Blog sites which makes it easier for people to find your messages within the huge internet.

On this image it states there are close to 50 billion websites within internet day!

indexed web
Credit to world wide web size .com

How do I use hashtags in Facebook?

Every time you are on Facebook, make a post, comment or when you input text.

Here is a few examples of when people use hashtags withing their posts on Facebook.
How do I use hashtags in Facebook?

How do I use hashtags in Facebook?


When do I use hashtags in Facebook

Use hashtags as often as possible or as much as you like. If you want more views on your post then you MUST use #HASHTAGS. Some people say that hashtaging can make posts look bad or are too pushy.  If you agree and think the same then try using one or two hashtags. This will make your content look clearer.  If that is the look you are trying to achieve, we wish you great success. We would love to hear your opinion in our comment section down below!



Hashtag = Trends or Conversations about what you hashed

Reach = Increases Your Network

When you use  Hashtags, you expose or introduce yourself into a larger Network.  Anyone within this network would see your part in this large scale conversation or ‘ Trending Network’.  Now you are apart of this trend and anyone within this trend or network can find you by clicking on your content you have added or provide with in the trending Network!

Examples Using Hashtags

#love #instagood #photooftheday #tbt #cute #me #beautiful #followme #follow #fashion #selfie #picoftheday #like4like #girl #tagsforlikes #instadaily #friends #summer #fun

These hashtags are the top 20 most used tags for 2015/2016.  If you have used any one of these tags make sure to comment below and let everyone know the result. Tell us what other hashtags you have used in the  past.

Have your started a ‘TREND‘ if so share with us.

use hashtags in Facebook